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Technology Gaps and Security Strategy

Technology Gaps and Security Strategy Introduction Merger can be defined as the agreement between firms that produce similar products. When two companies merge, they combine their operations to build a stronger base. The merger of Benz and Chrysler is a typical example. This union is referred as a merger of equals. The companies have the same strengths and business orientation. While the merger talk was ongoing, issues relating to who controls the organization became the subject of debate. By the end of the merger talks, DaimlerChrysler was a firm bound to fail (Andress, 2011).Advertising We will write a custom case study sample on Technology Gaps and Security Strategy specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Key Issues/Challenges Merging IT at DaimlerChrysler The merger of DaimlerChrysler came with issues which include: Communication gaps: Before the merger, the workforce from both companies anticipated a change in culture and this change was not realized. Job cuts at Chrysler Corporation increased which led to communication gaps in the organization. Teamwork promotes efficiency; the lack of cohesion among staff of the two companies hindered the growth of DaimlerChrysler Corporation. Power control: Before the merger, Chrysler recorded profits in their stock-market due to their marketing strategy. However, Chrysler’s stock share index dropped and they conceded a great loss in their capital base after the merger. This was a result of the total control by Daimler, which introduced the German culture to its operations. This pushed away Chrysler’s customers from any business transaction with DaimlerChrysler Corporation (â€Å"National Institute of Standards and Technology,† 2009). Conflict management: The result of disagreement of which policy to adopt raised serious concerns for the management of DaimlerChrysler. The right to decide which production strategy should be used and for which market, was controlled by the Germans which added to the communication gap in the organization. Conflicting cultures: Daimler-Benz was known for their achievements in the sale of luxury cars and they had a strong business network. Thus, Daimler-Benz ranked high in the automobile business. Chrysler manufactured low -cost compact cars and minivans and they were the biggest sales company in the North America. This statistic proved that, both companies were at their best in managing the internal and external transactions in the organization. The production team of Chrysler was downsized to fit the cost-reduction strategy of the Corporation. Difference in Operation Process: The product line of DaimlerChrysler also suffered challenges. There was a conflict in decision making in regards to the brand of cars to produce and the kind of technology to introduce. Chrysler was known for a robust IT technology; the growth of her production strength lies in the efficient use of the IBMs CATIA CAD/CAM system. However, the control of the operations w as headed by the Germans and they opposed the introduction of IBMs CATIA CAD/CAM system technology. Lost in share Index from Chrysler Corporations: The merger of the two automotive giants resulted in the loss of shareholders from Chrysler Corporations. This was caused by the internal conflicts in the companies and the public perception about the merger. Executives were fired from Chrysler: Due to duplication of job description, there was a massive job cut in the organization. Although the merger was seen as a consolidation among equals, the result of the displacement proved otherwise. IT management was not centralized: The introduction of technology has reduced the shortage of information dissemination in business organizations. Nevertheless, when this technology is not centralized, it will not be useful in any business transaction Chrysler Corporations had a centralized network system until the merger with Daimler Benz. This is another challenge for the organization. Different bus iness Strategies: Culture difference between the two companies has affected their business strategy. While executives from Daimler would want to produce luxury buses, Chrysler executives would desire to have a system that produces compact cars. This difference in business strategy causes friction for the success and growth of the organization. Security Plan for DaimlerChrysler Corporation The success of DaimlerChrysler Corporation hinges on the management of all aspects of production and workforce. DaimlerChrysler would require a workable security strategy that is planned to be successful. This security strategy can be categorized into people, process and technology. The security plan as it Relates People in the Organization Job Description Technology: The management of the workforce requires careful examination. Technological efficiency would make this task simple. Each staff is trained under his or her specific job description for the growth of the organization. The executives w ould integrate this technology into the entire structure of the organization. From the head to the bottom, each staff understands what he or she has to do for the success of the firm. Information Technology: The executive of DaimlerChrysler must update her information technology, to link each department to the information network. This would encourage communication in the organization and remove speculation and rumours. Information would be shared equally among the workforce and this would boost team spirit among the staff. Teamwork is an important key to success in a corporate organization. The diversified culture in the organization will be reduced with an updated information technology. The security plan as it relates Process and Technology in the Organization Centralized Information Technology: The key to success in an automobile industry is an effective business strategy. The business strategy will match market trends and would serve as a competitive advantage over similar co mpetitors. Information technology would assist in tracking customers demand and desire. Information would be collected from different regions of the company, transferred to a centralized system that would be used for decision making. The kind of automobile to produce would be decided with an updated information system. This will reduce the problem of cultural conflict in the organization (â€Å"National Institute of Standards and Technology,† 2010). An Updated Storage and Security Technology: The cornerstone for every success story hinges on the integrity of the organization. The integrity of DaimlerChrysler Corporation is strengthened with customer confidentiality. Information transfer is managed through secured channels and firewalls. An updated security technology would help reduce risk encountered in the organization. The information gathered are kept as confidential files and accessed only by authorized people. The login system is encrypted with security measures to redu ce security breach from unauthorized use. A Proposed Timeline for Addressing each Element of the Security Strategy The problems encountered in the merger of Benz and Chrysler would not benefit the organization. The proposed security plan as it relates to people, process and technology in the merger must be implemented immediately. The cost of expansion must be introduced in the next budget and the funds for acquiring a secured technological firewall must be released immediately. The training of staff in the organization in his or her job description should be implemented immediately. The management must unify the workforce and approve rewards that would motivate the employees for efficiency. Estimates for Implementing Recommended Strategies, with Rationale Using the appropriate timeline, the Corporation would deliver 98% success with the recommendations. When these recommendations are partly implemented, there would be partial growth of the organization and by estimation it would a mount to 30% success. If these recommendations are not implemented, there would be no change in the organization and it would be a setback for the firm. The success of the merger should be an advantage for Daimler and Chrysler, and this becomes a collective objective of the Corporation. Recommendation Regarding the Next Steps to take on Mitigating Risks Identified The security strategies analyzed for the organization, are highly effective and achievable when implemented. These recommendations were carefully examined without prejudice. The challenges facing the merger of the two automotive giants were analyzed and the solutions reached were workable and could be carried out within the next business season. I assure you that these recommendations would stand the test of time in years to come and would be the cornerstone to the achievements of the organization.Advertising Looking for case study on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion The merger between Daimler and Chrysler would be successful when the solutions to challenges studied in the cased study are fully implemented. The goal of the merger is to cut cost of production, operations and reduce the cost of research and production. However, the equality of the merger must be reflected in management and the structure of the organization. The success of a merger depends on unity of management, harmony of operations and efficiency in the organization’s cultural integration. References Andress, J. (2011). The Basics of Information Security: Understanding the Fundamentals of InfoSec in Theory and Practice. Amsterdam: Elsevier. National Institute of Standards and Technology: Guide for Applying the Risk Management Framework to Federal Information Systems (2009). NIST Special Publication 800-37 Revision 1. Retrieved from National Institute of Standards and Technology: Recommended Security Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organization (2010). NIST Special Publication 800-53 Revision 3. Retrieved from

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Reflective Pieces Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Reflective Pieces - Essay Example The personal requirements as a leader that effective delegation will help me meet are well articulated in the first reflective piece. The second reflective piece entails if I am a transactional/transformational leader with an exposition of the various ways my leadership skills and behaviors makes me believe I am a transformational leader. The part provides the characteristics I possess regarding leadership and relates them to transformational leadership styles to back the belief that I am a transformational leader. The third reflective piece is an exposition of my problem-solving abilities where I provide a step by step review of the manner in which I solve problems. Information gathering for decision-making is one of the challenges in my problem-solving since I tend to seek complete information to solve problems that in reality may not be possible and time-consuming to make fast, reliable, intuitive decisions.According to Magee (2015, 150), delegation is an art and science that has to be developed to be effective, and leaders should aim at achieving efficient delegation. The leadership skill I would like to develop is the ability to delegate effectively since I realized the many benefits that can be accrued by a leader and the organization from the effective delegation of duties. According to Prive (December 19, 2012. Par. 4), delegation allows a leader to develop trust and share the vision with the team offering the chance for achievement and progress, which I believe will be beneficial to me achieving success and progress as a leader

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The Red Cedar Redevelopment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The Red Cedar Redevelopment - Assignment Example Arguments in support of the plain arguments in support of the plan1. Reverse water and environmental pollution while conserving wildlife. This leads to the introduction of local tourism such as bird watching2. Boost the community’s economy by constructing a business park and tightening security.3. Ensure community welfare by building modern residential houses, increasing security, and availing social amenities.  4. Tightening security through the construction of a police complex to increase safety and raise investor’s confidence in investing in the community and thereby boost the economic argument against the plan1. The project is too costly and the community may not manage to raise the needed funds within the required time.2. The project may not benefit all members of the community especially the old who object to the construction of new residential areas because they wish to age in a familiar environment.3. Construction of a business complex doesn’t make much economic sense since the town is less densely populated.4. Constructing a police complex is not sufficient security and more investment is needed, yet funds are insufficient.

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Strategy Evaluation in the Transportation Services Sector Essay Example for Free

Strategy Evaluation in the Transportation Services Sector Essay Strengths Improvement in technology In the transportation service sector, the improvement in technology has increased the productivity within the industry by reducing order picking, and delivery times of good and services provided. Additionally, with the improvements in technology, such as bar coding, radio frequency identification tags (RFID), and route optimization software can allow for better tracking of trucks, shipped goods, and the transportation of people (University of Phoenix, 2014). Low employee turnover rates Overall, in the transportation services sector the employee turnover rate is low because of the industrys use of benefits packages and the fact that most employees belong to organized unions. However, in individual segments of the transportation industry, such as trucking and warehousing, turnover rates are higher than the rest of the transportation service sector. The reason is due to an aging workforce and recruiting practices (University of Phoenix, 2014). Industry is trending upwards The transportation service sector is trending upward and is rebounding. It is being led by the for-hire trucking industry, which include services provided through the use trucks, railroads, ships (both inland and ocean going), And airplanes. The transportation service sector has increased 27 percent over the last five years. Additionally, air cargo traffic is projected to double by 2033, and the expected international trade volume will rise 3.1 percent in 2014 and 4 percent in 2015 (University of Phoenix, 2014). People and goods are transported by this industry The transportation service sector includes companies that deliver rail, truck, water, and air transportation; transit and ground commuter,  postal delivery, courier, pipeline, messenger services, storage and warehousing facilities. The volume of passengers and goods that are transported are ever increasing providing a long-term viability and sustainability of the transportation industry. Long term relation with suppliers and customers Once, a provider within the transportation service sector has proven their ability and created and established a value to suppliers and customers; a long-term relationship is possible.A long term relationship is possible providing that the established capacity and value remain constant for both parties involved in a transaction. Weaknesses Capacity restraints Capacity restraints can reduce profitability. When providers from the transportation sector are unable to move people or goods because of capacity constraints the possibility of voided freight contracts, and bad customer service reviews exist. A company that does not look forward and see the capacity requirements of their particular division in the transportation industry can lead to loss of potential growth; thereby decreasing their profits (University of Phoenix, 2014). Extensive governmental regulation Transportation service sector businesses are subordinate to many laws and directives dealing with matters extending from safety and labor procedures to ecological policies and restrictions in trade. Such as, the governmental agencies that regulate the airline industry, which is administered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Department of Transportation (DOT), and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), among others governmental agencies. Combined industries such as deep sea shipping and railroads also draw concentrated examination concerning practices of pricing services and goods(University of Phoenix, 2014). Union influence of workers within the industry Unions have a substantial voice in labor issues, including wages and benefits levels, in many transportation service sector companies. Many of the segments within the transportation industry are labor- intensive.  However, weak union negotiations can lead to strikes by union employees that can harshly impact a company’s undertakings and cash flow (University of Phoenix, 2014). Opportunities Growth in local and regional markets The current growth in population has brought about an increase in city growth. The growth in the towns is opening the demand for more transportation needs for passengers and products in local and regional area that have been lacking transportation and warehousing services due to the lack of population. Growth in international markets The demand for transportation and warehousing is being driven by an increase in international trade as new markets are opening up such as China, Asia, South America and the Middle East. These new market currently do not have enough equipment or building space to handle the increase in international trade that provided for a substantial growth in companies in the transportation service sector internationally. Growth in specialize transportation As new international market begin to open, there is a growing need for more specialized transportation such as transit of a new workforce in other countries. Furthermore, jobs in the warehousing and transportation industry are opening up; hence the need for passenger transport and the need for more transportation of useful goods. Improved online technology As the technology is improved in other areas of the transportation sector, the innovation of online technology has also improved. Therefore, providing for more E- commerce growth in foreign countries than can improve the profitability of companies in the transportation industry. Threats Environmental constraints As the transportation service sector grows to provide for an increase in population, so do environmental constraints such as a rise in pollution created by the addition of more vehicles to the industry worldwide. Likewise, as environment concerns increase so do regulation. A  transportation company must be innovative in designing new equipment looking not only at a rise in alternative fuel vehicles but other green possibilities. Increased competition As new international market open the possibility of new transportation companies opening their doors to business increases. For companies in the transportation industry to be competitive and profitable; they must be open to change and attack these new markets with innovative ideas and an open mind to diversity. Increased security needs As international borders begin to open to trade; so the need to increase security of employee’s persona and company’s assets also is present. Additionally, as more business is crossing borders the needs for stricter guidelines are also required. However, with these more stringent guidelines come increase cost of transporting passengers and goods. As one can see from the SWOT analysis, the transportation service sector is full of potential growth possibilities. However, there are risks and threats that must be avoided when addressing the opportunities that exist in the industry. While the industry is trending upwardly and the strengths outweigh the weaknesses those companies in the industry must strive to be innovative in their approach to the opportunities at hand. One way a company in the transportation industry can address innovation is by embracing diversity. When a business includes diversity, it opens doors to creativity. Moreover, this creativity can lead to new ideas in transportation and warehousing. Being innovative has brought about many new advances in tracking services, goods, and software to promote productivity and profitability in the transportation service sector. Reference University of Phoenix. (2014). Transportation Services Sector. Retrieved from the University of Phoenix, PHL/320 website.

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What Joe Darby Did Essay -- Morality, Ethics

Which is more unethical, a soldier who has been under the stress of war and not fully trained for the job abusing enemy prisoners, another soldier who after seeing pictures of horrible prisoner abuse and becomes a whistle-blower or the Secretary of Defense leaking the name of a whistle-blower? That is the question I will look at in this paper. Being a part of a team or group is very important to most people, acceptance and friendship is something we all long for. So when reserve soldier Joe Darby saw some pictures of abuse at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq he was taken aback. After a lot of soul searching he knew what he must do. This decision would change many lives forever. Nonetheless I feel the real ethical issue in this story is not what Joe or his fellow soldiers did in 2004 but what Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld did. When Joe Darby first saw the images on those photos of Iraqi prisoners being tortured and abused by not just his fellow soldiers but by people he had known since high school he was torn between two choices. Those choices for Joe were, should he do or say nothing to protect his friends or should he do what was ethically correct. He chose the latter; â€Å"I knew that some people wouldn't agree with what I did... They view it as - I put American soldiers in prison over Iraqis (Joe Darby, 2004)† The photos showed Iraqi prisoners naked and posed in sexually suggestive ways. Some of the Iraqis in the photos were dead. Joe knew what was happening in these photos were wrong but because of the fear of repercussions it took him three weeks to turn them over and only after he was promised anonymity. He felt that was the end of it and he could go on doing his job. When the accused soldiers were removed he st... ... moral and ethics to bring it to his superiors they were dealt with and punished appropriately. That should have been the end of the story, however when Donald Rumsfeld spoke the name Joe Darby in his statement he erased all the hard work many public sector administrators have done for decades to put ethics into government. It is totally astonishing that a man of his experience and knowledge would betray a whistle-blower the way he did. This writer hopes that this will be a lesson for anyone in the public life as to what not to do and may we learn from Joe Darby that loyalty above all but honor is the best way to make ethical decisions. Works Cited Bryan, D., (2007). â€Å"Abu Ghraib Whistle-blower’s Ordeal† Web. Retrieved 06 March 2012 The American Society for Public Administration (1999). â€Å"Article I, Section 4 of ASPA's Bylaws†. Web. 23 February 2012

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Discuss Jane Austen’s presentation of the theme of marriage in Pride & Prejudice Essay

â€Å"It is the truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.† The opening sentence in Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice is so important given the social context and the notion of marriage at that time: it was the one fundamental purpose of most girls to marry. Moreover, the motives and the attitudes towards marriage were far more complex in the 19th century than nowadays since love marriages were rare and marrying for ‘advantages’ were the obvious. Jane Austen explores all the different outlooks on marriage through the characters and reveals her views towards marriage by the consequence of each type of marriage. The novel is quite clichà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ and follows the ‘love conquers all’ platitude, however- still manages to be quite enjoyable read due to all the drama and upheaval concerning marriage. The novel, which tells the story of a commonplace 19th century family whose 3 daughter came ‘of age’ and therefore were in search for a suitable husband. Furthermore, the sense of drama is heightened by the fact the aging alpha-male of the Bennet family was unfortunate to bear only daughters and could therefore not pass on his belongings- including the property he and his family lived in to either his wife or his children as the law stated woman were unable to inherit. Therefore, everything the Bennet family owned would be given to Mr. Collins- a cousin of Mr. Bennets’. Mrs. Bennet is well aware of this and therefore has made it the main business of her life to get her daughters married. She herself has married Mr. Bennet for advantages as she was born poor and managed to ensnare him with her good looks. Consequently, she believes it’s highly likely her daughters will have the same good fortune, and as Mr. Bennet was getting older, her determination to marry her daughters off to rich men became stronger. Along with Mrs. Bennet’s determination, the pressure increased for her daughters to â€Å"secure† a man sufficient enough to please Mrs. Bennets views. Jane austen presents the theme of marriage as a comprehensive one, since she presents each character with a different view of marriage. I will compare the different views towards marriage in the novel and discuss Jane Austen’s presentation of the theme of marriage in the novel Pride & Prejudice in this essay. Enhancing the amount of money, the class of social connections, security and social status seem to be the grounds on which the ill-fated marriage of Charlotte Lucas and Mr. Collins are established. Charlotte Lucas is introduced as an ‘intelligent, twenty-seven year old woman whom concerned her family as they were scared she would die â€Å"an old maid.† Even though Charlotte knows she will never love Mr. Collins, she would much rather marry him than be a cause of embarrassment to her family due to her life-long bachelorhood. She believes â€Å"love is not a necessity and financial ambitions should be the main priority for a woman†, as it increases not only the wealth of the woman in question- it also increases the importunacy of her voice- essentially making them more powerful and prone to change. Furthermore, there are several quotes to back up her argument including. Otherwise the other woman thought flirtatious behaviour and humongous booby muscles did the trick. Furthermore, there are several devious competitors whom love in repetition of all sorts off material find it hard to believe that there are several cases of weird and odd behaviour created by an environment of hard parents giving daughters evil looks in order to keep her in check. Also, they’ll stretch the time of their appearance downstairs in order to find that perfect balance of animism and scrim. Furthermore, they find themselves so perfect and deem their voice as an alpha voice with steps pounding with such verbosity it shakes even the soft padded couch imp sitting on! It is scary, it is wild, it is my father. He is not so nice and honest. However, I find it irrational he has to find his stay downstairs and pray downstairs because of all the trouble he has to go through going up the furthermore, there are several objects of admiration staying up at night merely to control a daughter is too cautious behaviour implying an untrustworthy presence of an ordering and a sophisticated alpha male in the presence of an untrustworthy.

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Justified killing - 1476 Words

Is there such a thing as justified killing? Many would argue that the killing of another individual is by far one of the worse crimes that can be committed. Though under certain circumstances such as capital punishment, or to kill in self-defense, justified killing is okay. These options are only acceptable if there is no viable alternative to doing so. Everyone has the right to live, and once someone decides to kill another individual then they should lose that right. They don’t deserve to have the right of life if they want to take the life of an innocent person. Many believe that it is not right to kill someone, but if you are protecting yourself or someone else in need of protection then it is okay, thus making the killers†¦show more content†¦What many fail to recognize is that abortion is not the only answer. Adoption is an alternative for unexpected pregnancies. Instead of having the option to abort, women should give their unwanted babies to those who cannot c onceive. There are millions of couples who are waiting to adopt a child. If more women would choose adoption over abortion then they would not only be saving the life of a human being, but would be giving up the responsibilities that come with having a baby and the adoptive parents would finally have a child that they can love and care for. If one purposely kills or murders someone, they should get the right punishment, be put in jail but never should they receive the death penalty. We get taught about self-defense and there are classes that people can take to protect themselves, but those classes do not tell you to kill someone, they just teach you the correct and an effective way to protect yourself. In my opinion killing someone is one hundred percent wrong. Killing of another individual for revenge, to eliminate competition, to save one self or simply to feed ones psychotic compulsions is morally wrong because it is an action that originates from ones greed, anger or lust to bet ter society. All of which are characteristics associated with negative results. Some Philosophers have concurred that this concept of justified killing is incorrect. They have defended the idea thatShow MoreRelatedRevenge: Is It Justified With the Characters in the Short Story â€Å"Killings†1083 Words   |  5 PagesLet’s examine the short story of â€Å"Killings† by Andre Dubus. The story begins on a warm August day with the burial of Matt and Ruth Fowler’s youngest son Frank. Frank was only twenty-one: â€Å"twenty-one years, eight months, and four days† (Dubus, â€Å"Killings† 107). Attending the funeral were Matt, his wife Ruth, their eldest son Steve, his wife, their middle daughter Cathleen and her husband. Frank was buried in a cemetery on a hill in Massachusetts overlooking the Merrimack. Across from the cemeteryRead MoreEssay about TARGETED KILLING: A JUSTIFIED ACT1356 Words   |  6 PagesExtrajudicial killings, or target ed killings as it is sometimes called, is the â€Å"deliberate, specific targeting and killing, by a government or its agents, of a supposed terrorist or of a supposed ‘unlawful combatant’ (i.e., one taking a direct part in hostilities in the context of an armed conflict) who is not in that governments custody† (â€Å"Targeted Killing†, Wikipedia). For years, targeted killings have been an integral part of modern warfare and in recent times has also integrated itself intoRead MoreKilling Is Justified For Murder1125 Words   |  5 Pagesvarious reasons. In a few cases, murder has proven itself to be justified such as the case, for example, when Caligula, the corrupt Roman emperor has been assassinated to further prevent more disasters for the Roman Empire. Murder is justified even for reasons so unthinkable, it makes sense as the culprit, at that moment of time. Although it is generally bad to be spewing bloodshed over your brethren, the act of killing is justified for murder. In the story of â€Å"Just Lather, That’s all†, the protagonistRead MoreWhy Is Brutus Justified In Killing Julius Caesar787 Words   |  4 Pagesmurderer, Brutus. Brutus is manipulated by Cassius, a roman senator and part of the conspiracy, into believing romans want Julius Caesar dead, so they form a conspiracy to kill Caesar. Although, the Romans say Brutus is honorable, Brutus is not justified in killing Julius Caesar because the conspiracy is driven by jealousy, he is manipulated into believing Caesar should die and romans are very fickle with their rulers. First, the conspiracy is driven by jealousy. Cassius a once noble man decided he wantsRead MoreA Brief Note On Crime And Punishment And The Main Character Plots And Carries Out The Murder Of An Old Woman883 Words   |  4 Pagesnovel Crime and Punishment the main character plots and carries out the murder of an old woman who has a considerable amount of money in her apartment. After killing her, he steals the money. After carefully considering this scenario, I personally believe that this action is not justified. The main character believes that his actions are justified based on these given facts. He argues that, she is a malicious old woman, petty, cantankerous and scheming, useless to herself and to society (which happensRead MoreJustified Killing in the Novel, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens587 Words   |  2 Pagesdanger? Is everyone capable of killing under the right circumstances? This is one of the questions being analyzed during a unit on the Charles Dickens novel, A Tale of Two Cities at Washington Community High School. Some staff members at this high school agree that every person is capable of killing another human or animal if the conditions suggest it. There is some evidence to propose that the opposite is true, yet the innocent, quiet people are just as capable as killing a person as anyone else. WeRead MoreThe Undead Gourmet Summary1156 Words   |  5 PagesBrendan Riley â€Å"The Undead Gourmet† grasps of viewing zombies not as mindless brain eating monsters, but a more complex conscious being. Also examines us, the humans, not having remorse to killing other zombies, apart from our close family. Riley explains his argument in four stages; â€Å"The Right To Bear Arms Against Zombies(pg. 1), What If Zombies Used Their Brains(pg. 2), Love Your Zombie Neighbor(pg. 3), and Zombie Rights†(pg. 4).Some great arguments are made in this article, but diving deeper intoRead MoreThe Violence Of Hindu Honor Killings961 Words   |   4 PagesIn honor killings, most of the women are killed on the basis of an illicit relationship as specified by their partner or family. Sometimes the killings are carried out for ridiculously pathetic reasons such as failing to serve a meal on time can be seen as a stain on family honor and can lead to woman’s death. In modern time, where the world is revolving around technological advances and the independence of women and gender equality, honor killings have exceeded and are more rampant. While IndiaRead MoreHypocrisy Of So Called Honor Killings2004 Words   |  9 PagesSo-Called â€Å"Honor Killings† Every year, similar stories of a young girl or woman murdered by her own family occur. The plot is simple. A girl develops an innocent romantic relationship with a man of her age and soon, her family finds out about her relationship. Or, a girl’s parents have planned an arranged marriage for their daughter but she does not accept the suitor. In both cases, the family feels disrespected by the girl and so she has to be killed. This is also known as an â€Å"honor killing†. Every yearRead MoreTerrorism Is Morally Unjustifiable By Stephen Nathanson1477 Words   |  6 Pagesinvolve the killing of innocents they are, in most cases, morally unjustifiable contrary to what Nathanson’s argument insinuates. Moreover, I will consider how Nathanson may reply to my contention by objecting that political figureheads cannot be innocent given their political position and will address his rebuttal by demonstrating that within the context of society most of us are not innocent. Nathanson argues that terrorism cannot be morally justified because it involves the intentional killing or injuring